About Us



BAYOU PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION (BPA) is a non-profit, charitable corporation focused on stewardship of Houston area bayous. The BPA mission is “to protect and restore the richness and diversity of Houston area waterways through activism, advocacy, collaboration and education.” Under the leadership of BPA’s founder, Ms. Terry Hershey, and with her financial support, BPA has been an advocate for implementation in Houston of the stream restoration technique known as Natural Channel Design.

Natural Channel Design advances BPA’s goals of reducing erosion, protecting property and improving water quality by applying the principles of river science and the physics of river morphology to stream restoration.






To accomplish these goals, the proposed project will:

  • Narrow and deepen the bayou to a more stable, natural cross-section
  • Re-align the channel to a stable, meandering form
  • Re-establish an adequately-wide floodplain down at the level of the bayou banks
  • Incorporate natural bank stabilization components on the restored bayou
  • Re-vegetate the riparian corridor with trees, shrubs, and native grasses