Stabilizing and Preserving Buffalo Bayou to a More Natural State

A treasured natural resource for our city, Buffalo Bayou is suffering from an increasingly growing erosion problem brought on by stressed conditions caused by the urbanization of its watershed, the creation of the Addicks and Barker Dams, and the resulting significant changes to the rate of runoff during and after storm events. The Memorial Park Demonstration Project is a stream restoration initiative created to address the severe erosion of a section of Buffalo Bayou that flows adjacent to Memorial Park and the River Oaks Country Club, west of Shepherd Drive and east of West Loop 610. In total, the project will span from just south of Memorial Park’s Picnic Loop to approximately 5,800 feet (1.1 miles) downstream.

The project is focused on restoring the banks of Buffalo Bayou to a stable, vegetated condition by utilizing established fluvial geomorphology river science design principles. Project funding participants include the Harris County Flood Control District, the City of Houston and the River Oaks Country Club.

Current Condition

Project Area.jpg

The Project goals include:

  • Repairing severe erosion on the banks of the bayou
  • Stabilizing the bayou’s banks and toes using natural materials
  • Reducing sediment deposition
  • Restoring native tree canopy coverage to the bayou  
  • Improving water quality within the bayou
  • Preserving the bayou’s flood conveyance capacity